The #1 BEST Hospitality POS

Manage Tables, Takeaway, Delivery and Online Ordering from single POS

Genresman POS is the #1 BEST Hospitatlity POS. Its software has gained the trust of over 5,000 raving fans and customers, many of whom have referred Netron over and over again. Netron EPOS is the best in table management, delivery management, order management, and support.

Its system can’t be beat by any other hospitality point of sale system out there. Restaurants and bars can use Netron EPOS for their takeout and online ordering needs. With Netron EPOS, customers can get quality service and the best dining experience. Netron EPOS makes everything easier for the hospitality industry by providing on-site installation and extended support.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

Your own Mobile Apps & Website

Our Android and iOS apps deliver the best quality for your customers. A simple and prestigious app that you' ll ever need with features including your restaurant info, navigation, reservation, feedback.

You have an existing website. We integrate our solution to your website. You don't have a website? No problem! We provide one for you that reflects your brand. And you start making money... See real time reports, charts of your business. Manage your menus, products and all required information of your restaurant with ease.

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5 Reasons to consider Genresman POS

Gernesman ONLY develops hospitality software and is the undisputed price performance leader.

1. Excellent Service, Kitchen and Mobile Management

2. BEST Table Management

3. BEST Delivery Management

4. BEST Order Management

5. BEST Customer Support

Let’s consider each of these points in detail...

Excellent Service, Kitchen and Mobile Management

Genresman provides one of the industry's best service, kitchen, and mobile management systems to improve order accuracy, reduce food waste, and preparation times  . It also contains all the back office features for forecasting, labor and inventory management, loyalty programs, graphical floor management, detailed reports by location and employee, plus more.  Major categories include:

a)   Service Management . Genresman POS  software provides Quick fast-food orders, Tabletop and Online ordering via a tablet, phone apps or web browser, including time course with hold and fire, and full delivery management.

b)   Kitchen Management.  Includes a customizable kitchen display (shows up to 12 simultaneous orders) that allows you to consolidate and prioritize orders and manage kitchen tickets.  This helps you cut down on errors, prioritize orders (first in, first out), and reduce duplication errors.

c)   Mobile Management.  Allows your management to view Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) remotely.  Shows you real-time register sales, daily and item sales, table and delivery status, customer balances, voided items, sales by waiter and location, plus end-of-day report with graphics. Allows you to manage all your locations remotely. 

BEST Table Management

Genresman POS  software has the industry's  best table management that seamlessly integrates customizable graphical table plans, real-time status display, table booking, and split checks to effortlessly manage your customer’s dining experience. Features include:

a)   Online Table Booking .  Customers can make reservations from your website or via your personalized mobile app. This increases customer convenience while also reducing inbound calls for reservations.

b)   Split Items.  You can split orders and create separate checks at each table making it easier for your wait staff and more convenient for your customers. 

c)   Seat Application.  Your waiters can take orders in numbered sequence to easily remember who ordered which items--especially helpful for large groups. Customers are impressed that their orders are always delivered correctly--allowing you to provide perfect service


BEST Delivery Management

Genresman POS delivery management, is  unmatched, making it extremely easy for you to organize, administer, and supervise your delivery process to provide fast and reliable delivery service. 

a)  Delivery Driver Management.  Assigns orders to each of your drivers . Genresman POS can generate a report at anytime showing collected payment type per driver along with the delivery status. 

b)  SMS Marketing.  Easily promote specials , low wait times and special offers through text messages to your growing customer list to increase traffic and revenues. 

c)  Caller ID Integration.  Genresman POS can automatically display caller ID information within your Genresman POS  software during call in orders. It helps identify if the customer is new or if it is an existing customer and can pre-populate any existing contact information. This helps you be more personal when you answer ("Hello Mr Jones, glad you called us again" etc.), speeds the entry process and reduces incorrect delivery information.

d)  Integrated UK Postcode Data.  Ask for your customers' postcode first and the system will automatically enter their street and city, leaving only their house or flat number to enter manually. It is included at no additional charge and can be used anywhere in the UK.

e)  Real-Time Delivery & Driver Tracking Within  POS  Software.  You can see where the delivery driver is within Google Maps--helping you predict when a delivery will arrive and optimize driver efficiency. 

5,000+ companies run Genresman POS to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your restaurant easy to operate.

BEST Order Management

Genresman POS contains the  most features and best integrated order entry and processing features within the hospitality industry. 

a)  Includes Customizable Mobile App. Genresman POS can provide you a customized downloadable mobile app for Apple or Android phones or tablet.  This gives you a competitive advantage as you utilize the latest technology to help your customers easily place online orders or book reservations.   

b)  Free online website . The Genresman POS system includes your own personalized website to help you manage all online ordering and reservation booking in  CITY . It can either replace, or link from your existing site.

c) Tableside, Phone and Mobile Ordering.  You can take orders via a tablet for tableside ordering, by phone (and the system can pre-populate many of the fields from the built-in caller ID), or from your own personalized Apple or Android phone app, making order entry quick, accurate and extremely convenient through the  POS  software.

d)  Receive Customized, Real-Time Alerts In Your  POS  Software.  Waiters get alerts and can see which menu items are running low at any particular moment--helping you avoid the embarrassment and disappointment when an order is taken and then has to be cancelled.

e) Fail-Proof Combo-Matching.  Both the Genresman POS tableside handheld tablet and the register provide branching options when applicable. If a customer selects fries, the system asks if they want curly or straight, etc.--to help ensure accurate orders. 

BEST Customer Support

Genresman POS software provides unparalleled support and training so your managers and employees know how to get full value out of your  POS  system.

a)  Includes  On-site Staff & Management Training . Your staff learns how to use the  POS  system and your management learns how to update settings and generate valuable reports--all  inclusive and conducted  on-site using your own personalized system.

b)  On-site installation included . While others charge for on-site installation, or require you to do most of the installation and can only help via remote configuration, the our team comes on-site to ensure everything is setup (including menu import), configured and ready to use immediately.

c)  Live Chat and Quick Email response.  Live Chat allows you to get our support online through your  POS  software within minutes without having to call. In addition, any emails receive prompt response--often including an invitation to call if additional help is needed. 

d) Extended Phone Support. Most competitive phone support help lines (if offered) are only available during normal working hours. In contrast, we provide 12 hour support from 10am to 10pm - ensuring you get the help you need during your typical long working hours. 

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